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i got sins, but not today [entries|friends|calendar]

welcome to my journal! i'm not exactly a social butterfly and i don't go around adding people just because. i have no requirements for anyone who wants to add me, however about 20% of people that add me i never end up adding back for a variety of reasons (if you post a lot of pictures out of lj-cut, for example, i probably won't add you). please don't be offended by this, i just like to keep my friends list trim and clean, and you're more than welcome to take me off your list if this makes you uncomfortable.

but if you're open-minded, non-judgmental, at least somewhat mature, and share some of my obsessions, feel free to add me and i'll probably add you back. i always like finding people to squeal with me over the latest manga volume or recent reality show episode. :]

this journal is not friends-only.
this journal is pretty pointless.
this journal avoids drama.
this journal doesn't reveal my personal life.
this journal is four years old.
this journal is never sober and should not be expected to be coherent.


jen, 20, female, mexican. born feb. 6th, 1986. aquarius, year of the tiger. also goes by iceymoon. living in san jose, CA with fiancé bryan (see also synicide and avalonstar). has three cats with her in san jose: ravyn, willow, and naida. has two pets in los angeles (with her parents): chocolate, her first cat, and scratchy, her first pet (a turtle). art student. as for family, she has her mother leony (?0), her father mauricio (?5), her brother jon (21), her sister wendy (30) and her two nieces (wendy's daughters), paola (12) and priscilla (10).

random facts;

loves animals. hates bugs (even butterflies, but likes lady bugs). loves being an aquarius. likes autumn. currently using a mac mini @ 1261x953, alternating between safari and firefox (misses her pc and ideally would have both at all times). gave up on capitalizing words ages ago, and likes it that way. has majored photography and graphic design before deciding she was crazy and went back to drawing. wants to be a manga-ka. has lived in los angeles (CA), garden grove (in orange county, CA), costa mesa (CA), anaheim (CA), kansas city (MO - birth city), denver (CO), providence (RI), mexico city (mexico), and montréal (quebec, canada). attended 9 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 1 high school (tested out at 16), and 2 community colleges. speaks english and spanish fluently, knows some french and japanese. couldn't imitate an australian accent if her life depended on it (though she wants to!), but could fluke through an english accent, sometimes. loves heights and thrills. is afraid of drowning, spiders, and the paranormal (though she still wants to visit a haunted house). can't swim or drive, but wants a motorcycle. loves her netflix account. loves white tigers and wishes she could own one and take care of it. believes in zodiac and astrology 80% of the time, but mostly just loves the idea of it and the mythology behind it. once had a tarot reading, and it was eerily accurate. loves anime and manga.


features jen's current favorite tv show, lost with lyrics from the song used in season 01, episode 03 by joe purdy, "wash away." wanted all the characters to be in it, but for her favorite characters to be highlighted (and would have liked to include the polar bear if possible). in order of favorites: sawyer, sun, claire, jin, locke, polar bear. compatible with firefox and safari, as well as internet explorer. best with resolutions 1024x768 and higher. resources for header graphic listed on userinfo. header font: dearjoe & big caslon for navigation, both can be found on dafont. content font: georgia, with verdana as backup. image from lost media. coding help from everything_lj and howto. if confusing, navigation is as follows: castaway - userinfo; survivors - friends, recent - most recent entries, logs - tags, memoirs - archive of past entries.

most recent;

movie seen, 16 blocks. book read, harry potter and the half-blood prince. manga read, ultra maniac, volume 5. movie rented, none. :[ event, trip with bryan to an internet conference, south by south west, in austin, TX. show seen desperate housewives. big purchase, samsung 42" plasma tv. game played, kingod hearts ii.


shows: lost, desperate housewives, america's next top model (cycle 6), the apprentice (season 5), what not to wear, mythbusters. rentals: none. book: none. drinks: boba, jamba juice. food: inn-n-out, ramen, udon, mozarella sticks. anime: noir, nana, revolutionary girl utena, niea_7. manga: hot gimmick, lament of the lamb, fake, ultra maniac, happy mania, i.n.v.u., doubt!!, instant teen. scanlations: nana, kobato, gokinjo monogatari, tenshi nanka ja nai, good morning call, partner, random walk, so bad!!, socrates in love.


err...having technical difficulties getting images to display properly. if anyone has any ideas, please leave a message on my most recent lj post (and yes, i do include "visibility: visible" on all my images).
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this journal is dead [
Monday = 03.24.2008 = 11:27 am
in my head is i'm feeling | nostalgic

not that that wasn't obvious already, lol. but i felt like making it official.

turns out that i don't like talking about my personal life. and i don't like reading about other people's personal life much either. so why am i even on LJ? well, when i joined at the age of 15 or so (note: i'm 22 now) all my LJ friends were people that i didn't know in real life, so i felt free to rant on and on about things without worrying about who might read it.

but that changed a long time ago, when people who knew that i always go by the name "moon of ice" got bored enough to look me up and started adding me. that's really when i started getting unmotivated about writing stuff here...and if i ever did write anything, it was useless, uninteresting things.

so now i've been all but ignoring this part of my LJ for a couple years...and i'm pretty certain i won't ever come back to it. oddly, though, i do visit livejournal everyday! i frequent several communities on here that i couldn't live without~ ♥

so you won't see me around here anymore unless you visit the same communities i do. but, if you so desire, you can find me in other places:

my twitter
this style of updates suits me much more. :] 1 to 2 sentences about what i'm doing at the moment. i love it!

my singing forum
this is a forum i made for people who like to sing online. unlike other singing communities, we don't assign projects for people to do, and we don't require people to be very active. it's just for fun, the idea behind it is that people can sing something whenever they feel like it, with whoever they feel like (or by themselves), and have a place to share it with others. :]

my singing organization
this is the place that got me started on singing online! it hosts one of the most active communities ever, a place where even new people turn into old friends with the way we hang out. :D people that join will be placed into one of 4 (well, now 6) groups and release singles and albums with their group! Miri (the owner) also regularly comes up with other fun activities for us to take part in (related to singing, of course).

my personal site
i mainly use this to host my TCG's, fanlistings and the like! however, i'm thinking of starting up a blog some time, and if i do this would be where i put it. :o if i start a blog, it will definitely be related to my fandoms (Hello! Project comes to mind) and not a place to talk about my personal life. xD; i was thinking of doing concert reviews~ we'll see.

revyver projects
Bryan and i have several ideas for applications we want to build together! so if you keep an eye on Revyver (our company), you might see them once they're up! :] we also want to start a small business, but we need funding for that. if any of you know any rich bastards that would like to throw money our way, please let us know!

my usual places
and of course, i'm always hanging around my usual communities. i still play TCG's (Trading Academy and Genki Beam! being my main ones), and can easily be spotted at the following LJ communities:

gimme_hp, jpop_uploads, blackstones

also, i have my community jenvie, which has been sort of neglected, but i have plans for it in the future. and finally, if i ever come back to LJ, it will be to my other account iceymoon...however, i will have to come up with a plan for what kind of things i would write about, and what kind of people i friend. otherwise it will just be a repeat of what happened here.

so now that i've said all that, i feel much better about leaving this journal and not looking back. :] i enjoyed reading all your journals back in the day, but things change and i'm happily moving on to other things, as i'm sure many of you are doing too! hope you guys have been well, and maybe we'll meet somewhere else, some other time!

hmm...and since it's been so very long since my update, i guess i'll write a little something about my current life. all you really need to know to get the gist of it is that Bryan and i now live in Seattle, we have a grand total of 5 cats now (see my userinfo for their names & ages), and we finally, after over 5 years together, have a wedding date~ August 21st, 2010.


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making a bid for health! [
Wednesday = 02.14.2007 = 05:04 pm
in my head is i'm feeling | rushed

so, i'm challenging myself. i'm out of food and when i go buy groceries today i'm going going to get vegetables (for salad), fruit, eggs (for protein), and cheese/light smoothies/almonds (as snacks that double for dairy products and such)!

i love fruits and veggies, so theoretically i should be fine with this. somehow i doubt that, though. in any case, since it'll be the only thing i can eat it should help my eating habits tremendously. i also like this idea because it involves minimal cooking, which is the excuse i gave myself for not eating healthier before now.

anyway, i really just wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a good salad dressing? a nice healthy one that hopefully tastes good? i don't want anything fatty that will defeat the purpose of living on salads.

so once i do this, since we're working out on a regular basis (we're trying for every day, though it's ended up being more like 4x a week lately) i should lose weight. this is what everybody says, right? eat right and exercise and you'll be in good shape, right? so we'll see if that's true.

it better be, otherwise i will be suing some nutritionists for the cost of my tummy tuck.

on another note, the other night i dreamt that i could clone/duplicate things with a touch (probably a result of watching too much heroes). it was a power i couldn't control, so i was getting paranoid about people touching me (didn't know if i could clone them too). i ended up duplicating each of my cats (they looked slightly different than the originals, but you could tell they were clones), so i had 8 cats! xD

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i died, but god didn't want me so i'm back [
Friday = 02.09.2007 = 12:20 am
in my head is i'm feeling | talkative

......hi. ^_^;; yes, i'm still around. i check my lj communities every day, in fact, but i don't post to my own anymore. i don't know why, really, maybe because i feel that not a lot of people on my friends list care about / can follow what i say since i mostly write about my fangirly-ness about my TV shows and jpop.

because of this i considered starting a blog where i talk about those things, but i don't think i'd keep up with it. an lj is more informal, so i don't feel an obligation to write things for an audience.

i think only a handful of you are interested in / know about any of my interest, the rest of you probably had no idea what i was talking about when i did write. but it's really been a while and i regret not writing anything in the first month of 2007. so i'll write a comprehensive sort of overview that i can hopefully keep from getting too long!

first of all

i'd like to wish everyone a VERY belated halloween, thanksgiving, x-mas and new year!! and also, happy birthday to anyone whose birthday i missed! hope your celebrations were great. ^_^

bryan and i

bryan and i are better than ever, it seems we just get close the longer we live together. i've never been more convinced that what seemed to people like haste when we moved in together so soon was really what was right for us at the time, and turned out to be better than we could have imagined. to be honest, if we hadn't made that decision i don't think either of us could be as happy as we are now. i want to thank my family for trusting me and being supportive when we decided to move in together even though i was only 17, but it'd make them cry which would in turn make me cry. woo, sappy!

the 21st of this month will be our 4th anniversary. :D it's not that long if i think about it, but it certainly feels like it's been my whole life. i think i remember hearing that on average, people know each other for 2 years before getting married, right? so i'd say it's a good sign that at this point we're still growing stronger together.

and no, we still have no idea when we're getting married. our original plan was to wait until after i graduated, but seeing as how my academic career is becoming more and more uncertain (more on that below), it's probably best not to stick to that too strictly. i suppose we'll do it when we can afford it, and when we're in better shape physically. ^_^; anyone want to get me a personal trainer & chef as a wedding gift?

school? what was that again?

i've gone from being a full-time student 12 months ago to taking only one class now. i'm still very interested in being an artist, but what kind of tuition am i willing to pay to go to an art college? is it worth being in debt over? i keep losing confidence in my skills, too. it's a vicious cycle...to get better, i need to practice. but the more i practice, the more i want to quit because i don't see the improvement i want to see. if i've been drawing since i was in elementary school, why are my skills not better?

i just wish i was a natural like i remember seeing some of my class mates in high school being. i've got some skill, sense of aesthetic and proportion...in fact, my art teachers always said i was among the top in the class. but i'm not where i want to be, i've got so many limits. i can picture it in my head...WHY doesn't it come out on paper?

i guess i'm being hard on myself and un-realistic, but it's hard to shake that state of mind. it actually depresses me when i do try to draw (i can only seem to draw nice things when i'm copying somthing). i feel like i should be better by now, and since i'm not i don't want to continue. also, i stopped taking art classes in my community classes because it's ridiculous how repetitive they are. not enough students choose to continue, so basically they don't have a continuing class...they just put you back in the first class and the professor says they'll work more closely with you. not worth the money IMO (better off practicing on my own time...even though i don't), especially since these classes don't focus on what i want to do.

there's a manga school in japan that offers my dream curriculum...i literally drooled over the classes they have to offer!! but it would be too expensive for me to go and live there, and who knows if they'd even accept me. i do plan on looking further into it, though.

on the other hand, my motivation for learning japanese just keeps escalating! ^_^ it's the only class i'm taking this semester, and i enjoy going and learning. i'll only miss classes if i can't help it (bryan and i will be going to sxsw next month, driving, so that i'll have to miss a few classes then D:), and i know i'm confident that i'll come out with an A. but of course, the grade doesn't matter as long as i can learn more.

i've also been doing better being able to decipher japanese without subtitles! i'm no translator, mind you, but i can piece things together here and there. my long-term ambition is to win the lottery (<- okay, so that part is pur fantasy),be able to attend that japanese manga school and be fluent enough to understand all the classes by myself. however, that school never becomes a real possibility i could search for a job involving japanese. we're going to go to japan eventually (actually living there is what's uncertain), so i'll work hard on brushing up my fluency in addition to being a tourist and going to all my favorite jpop artists concerts. ;D

the working world (or lack of it)

i haven't been working for a few months now. i feel bad leaving it to bryan to support us, but i'm trying to figure out ways to help. we both swore not to go back to retail if we can help it, so we're trying alternatives.

the plan we're most hoping will work out is my online store. i've already registered it as a small business, but we're not really in a financial position to invest in it at the moment. the best-case scenario would be a loan, but that's out of the question at the moment because we both don't have credit that a bank would approve (not bad credit, we just haven't built enough of a history for banks to trust us).

so we're hoping to get approved for a business credit card...however, when we talked to a banker about it they told us not to bother with that yet. >_< said we'd only get approved for a small amount that wouldn't cover for the expenses of a business. SO, right now we're working on building my credit with store credit cards, and find out how much is enough to get a good limit on the card.

it's a slow process because, like i said before, our financial situation at the moment isn't at it's best (we can't go around buying expensive stuff and expecting to be able to pay it off). so we're using it for stuff we know we can pay off, and hoping it will help. ^_^; i wonder if it will take forever, or less time than i think?

until then i have something i could do, a classmate from my japanese class just informed me that his company (some devision of namco) is looking for more people to test games. however, he said that it's not a pleasant job....long hours, long weeks, and you could end up testing a boring game for an entire month. i'll make my decision based on how much they pay (didn't get to talk about that). i don't like the idea of giving up the time i spend with bryan (that really probably contributed a lot to how our relationship has grown), but if the money is good at the very least i wouldn't have the pressure of retail (SELL, SELL, SELL, i don't care if they don't want to buy!!) which i hate ever so much.

health and such

so bryan and i have gotten back into working out every day. ^_^ yes, back into it. we started for a while....then stopped for a while. then started again...then stopped again, lol. but this time around we've been better at keeping it up! we skipped the last 4 days or so, but got right back into it. this is improvement because past experience taught us that if we skipped even 2 days, it took us a month or twp to get back into it.

i can't say we're doing well in our eating habits, but we are doing better. partly due to money issues and partly just better will power, we don't eat out nearly as often. we've also been finding new things we enjoy cooking (our latest favorite is okonomiyaki!!), but unfortunately buying the ingredients and cookware we need just cost too much to do it often. >_< and neither of us are any kind of experienced with cooking...so we still eat mostly frozen microwavable things....but at least we reach for anything that says "light" or "lean" on it.

to anyone with experience: do you find that good exercising habits combined with mediocre eating habits still helps to lose weight? or does it just help not to gain weight? i know everyone is different, but it's nice to have some sort of perspective.

my goal is to lose enough wait not to look like a fool when i dance. x_o; especially my arms, ugh!! my upper arms turned monstrous somehow (even though, thank you GOD, even though i've put on about __ pounds, it looks like a lot less). i want delicate arms that look cute and girly when i dance. ;-;

i wouldn't tell my parents because they'd worry every day and night until they decide i'm going to die a young death, but we currently do not have health/dental insurance. D: i usually wouldn't care, but i've got a couple cavities that definitely need attention. is anyone on my friends list a dentist that will travel and is willing to see me for free? *begs*

at least going to planned parenthood is free, i can get basic check-ups from them. as far as they can tell, i'm healthy. i've been told i need to get tested for anemia, which i think i can do with the school nurse at my community college....buuuuuuuut. i'm chicken. i'm friggen CHICKEN, okay?

i even switched from depo to nuva ring as my birth control because my anxiety of getting a shot kept escalating every time i went. i just can't see me walking in to get blood taken without running away before they call my name.

so, does anyone know any definite signs of being anemic? i get dizzy after working out, and sometimes in the shower if there's too much steam. and i bruise easily, but i was told this could be unrelated. maybe this is sort of normal, though? doesn't necessarily have to mean i have any condition, maybe i'm just weak? *hopes*

these are a few of my favorite things

not that it wasn't obvious before, but i'm officially obsessed with jpop. xD i live for it! i can't imagine ever breaking up with jpop. i've done it before, but it was different then...i wasn't as immersed in it as i am now.

plus, it's a lot more fun now that i've brainwashed gotten bryan into it, as well. i can listen to it with him, talk to him about it, get his opinions, dance to it with him. ^______^ it's so nice to be able to share something i love so much with him. he's also been sucking people other people into it, he uses jpop (most of the time) as the intros and outros to his podcasts! they're usually the songs we'd been listening to most at the time (bwahahahaha, my brainwashing can now spread world-wide)!

and hello! project is definitely a major part of my jpop love. there's so much to h!p that i feel like i'll always be able to find something new. some event they did that i hadn't seen, some new segment to start following, a new h!p group being formed, members leaving and members joining. i'm so glad i got into that world. in fact, if money doesn't become an issue i'm hoping to be able to have an H!P gathering of sorts. our apartment complex has a very nice rec room which we can reserve...i'd like to be able to set up games and activities and invite any H!P fans who are willing to / can come!

and i'm still collecting PV's furiously! i've got over 400 now. bryan very generously emptied his external drive so i could use it. i download PV's all the time and bigger files once in a while (concerts, specials, anime, tv shows, etc). i've been trying to keep my community semi-active. it's pretty much turned into pure PV-uploading from me, even though i originally intended to use it for many things.

if you like jpop and want more PV's, or if you're just curious about jpop, check out jenvie! i somehow managed to get 50+ members even though i had been neglecting it for a while. ^_^;; but seeing that i had that many people interested motivated me to keep up with it.

my TV interests haven't changed too much. i still die for LOST (though i'm contemplating changing my lj layout...when i feel up to it). desperate housewives is still awesome. i haven't kept up with ANTM, though i don't think the new season's started yet (anyone know when it does?). aaand i've gotten into heroes. :D

other than those, i watch i love lucy every day (hard for me not to, even though i've seen every episode many times), friends (can say the same about this show), and i love watching discovery channel shows like mythbusters and how it's made. i've also been watching everybody loves raymond more lately, for some reason.

OMGJUMPROPESQUEE!! *hyperventilates* i can't wait for the new harry potter book and movie this summer (even though i hate daniel radcliffe's haircut, ugh). AAAAHHHHH!!

for those who can remember my TCG phase...i'm still very much in it. xD but not as much as before, it's calmed. however, that may change since i'm starting my own...yelp!

and of course, there's my lovely kitties. ♥ willow is fat...she has been since we got her spayed, but we try to remind her every day. chocolate still rapes her, but not as often. he seems to have gotten used to living here completely...he even approaches bryan to be carried sometimes. ravyn is still a bully. naida still has an addiction to playing. yup, the kitties haven't changed much. xD except they've all taken to meowing more! >_< and willow likes sleeping behind my monitor...she's unplugged my computer twice now. *pokes willow's fat* fatty.

finally finished playing final fantasy xii! it took us a while only because i made bryan promise he wouldn't pass my point in the game. ^^; but i realized that i have a TON of side quests and hunts to do, and i wouldn't dare pass the game without completing everything, so i let him finish the story first. i have some mixed feelings about the game....but fran is awesome. officially one of my all-time favorite characters.

we still haven't gotten a wii. ;_______; no money to spare for it. which reminds me...

birthday, yay!

so my birthday was two days ago. i turned 21. ^_^ it was a good day! didn't drink as much as you'd think, though, because i actually got cake. cake + alcohol = not a good mix. i didn't want to get sick, so i didn't drink too much. it worked! i didn't get sick. btw, does anyone on my friends list live/lived in the bay area (specifically san jose / santa clara)? know any good bars or something to go to with bryan?

*random* i had a theme song for my birthday. xD "love revolution 21"!! oh yeah, my self-proclaimed birthday song.

i don't remember if i mentioned it before, but as a birthday gift bryan finally agreed to let me have a tattoo. ^____________^ (i could make this smile a mile long, but i won't) i'm so excited! won't be able to spare the money for a couple months, but i'm getting one!! i'd almost given up hope.

i have my design all planned out, and i'll be getting an artist friend of bryan's to help me put it into one piece that i can show the tattoo artist. i'll post it up when he does it. that tattoo itself i might not be able to get until may, but i'll be patient. i've waited 5 years, i can wait a few more months.

my parents (bless their hearts) also sent me $200 as a gift. i'm certain they probably couldn't afford it, but they still did. and i'm very torn as to what i should use it for. i could use it to get all the jpop merchandise that i probably wouldn't be able to get otherwise, $200 could get me a lot of things....OR, i could use it to get a wii. knowing bryan and me, we'll get a wii eventually. it could be a long time, though...and we really want one. we'd usually be the type to get it on the launch date.

in fact, the only reason we didn't is because we were on a plane on our way back from florida on the morning of the launch. if we hadn't been, we'd have a wii right now. ;_; so yes, i'm very uncertain about what to put that money towards. *asks the cats to decide*

ragnarok online, anyone?

ragnarok gets it's own section because it's going great. xD we're getting more and more members every day, and people seem to be having fun on our server. we're still a growing server, but i think eventually we'll be a large one.

bryan put up the new website along with our new custom made control panel. that's right, it was specially made for our server by some very talented members (and style by bryan, of course). RO veterans have even told us it's the best they've ever seen. we're also building a database (monster/item db), which when logged in shows the rates of our server, and when not logged in shows the official rates of kRO. that way it will hopefully become a good db for many RO servers, not just our own.

and we also have a wiki that we hope to expand in the near future. it's still missing some key guides like job guides and such, but anyone is welcome to write their own guides to help complete it! we'll be enforcing a format, however, so that it becomes an organized and comprehensive guide. i have many plans for it (don't know why i've taken such an interest in the wiki), but unfortunately there are other things that take priority right now.

interested in checking out our RO server? nyxsis RO. remember it, it might be one of the most popular servers one day! ^_~

moving again this year

so to help us keep stable, we're probably going to be moving when our lease runs up (in august). as much as we love our current apartment, the rent is just too high coupled with out other bills. and since i'm not stuck to any particular school, we're pretty open to moving out of the area.

we currently live in santa clara / san jose. does anyone know a good place to live in northern california with low (or lower than average) living costs? the closer to a city the better, though i know that the probability is that places farther from cities are the ones that'd cost less in general.

bryan's even open to moving to another state....but i'm not sure i am. D: i guess i could be, if i find a place i like and that would help take some pressure off our finances. but definitely west coast! ♥

okay, i'm done

yeah, okay, i wasn't able to keep this nice and short. i should have known that. i'll stop finding more things to talk about, otherwise this may become a novel. a badly written one, at that.

it's been so long since i used lj for anything other than downloading lots of music and anime, but i'll try to check my friends list more often to see how you guys are doing. ^_^ feel free to fill me in a bit! as anti-social as i am, i still like you guys.

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just one thing: [
Wednesday = 10.04.2006 = 07:08 pm
in my head is i'm feeling | excited


will edit later with my (no-spoiler) reaction to the episode. which i'm sure will be something along the lines of, "WTF?!?!"

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Monday = 10.02.2006 = 04:23 am
in my head is i'm feeling | bouncy

OMG!!! overload of happiness.

i'm currently downloading both version's of tommy's new PV's (which i have been waiting for anxiously). lost season 3 premiers this wednesday (also waiting for anxiously). i also have project runway season 3, antm cycle 7 and desperate housewives season 3 to keep me happy. i also got ahold of yui's new PV today. i'll probably be seeing/meeting olivia (jpop singer who has does opening/ending themes of NANA) at the end of the month. and october marks the start of wonderful, wonderful things to happen, including the high possibility that we will be going to japan.

and those are only the little things that are making me happy right now (the kind that get me giddy enough to jump up and down on the spot while typing this entry). don't even get me started on how lucky i feel to have known bryan for four years now, and to still be living happily with him. *insert bliss here*

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ATTN: ragnarok online players! [
Monday = 09.04.2006 = 05:12 pm
in my head is i'm feeling | chipper

nyxsis RO. it's the new wave. okay, so it's the new server that bryan and i started. okay, so it's the new server bryan started, and i just offered some input...

in any case! we have a really good host and are hoping that it will be a solution to some of the major lag problems that usually go on with private servers. we're still in beta right now, but things are finally coming together and we're ready for people to really start playing. in fact, we have an event coming up! race past novice!! a chance to give your novice a head-start with some serious zeny.

go ahead and sign up now! test things out and see how you like it. ^^ if you want to participate in the novice race (details on website), you can always create a new character, or start over if you haven't gotten far by then. even if you've never played ragnarok online before, you should give it a try. it's pretty straight-forward most of the time, and there are some pretty comprehensive guides out there if you need any help. in fact, we linked to some guides on the site. ;D

we plan to be hosting events pretty regularly, and hope to see lots more people joining soon so it will have a fun social atmosphere. ^_^ we're based on kRO, and will be keeping up with the updates that come in, including the new extended classes (ninja, gunslinger, taekwon, etc). things we plan on for the future are improving the website (currently only a temporary page), pvp, gvg, special events, and much more! we may even take suggestions, so be sure to let us know if you have any good idea. ;D

if you missed the link before, here it is:


join in! ^_~

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adding to the sea of entries... [
Monday = 09.04.2006 = 11:48 am
in my head is i'm feeling | shocked

...about steve irwin. i'm surprised at how much this hit me. i guess because it's really not that long ago that i was watching his show, thinking he was crazy, and trying to immitate his accent. mostly i'm feeling horrible about how the news has spread so far and wide, and his wife has yet to find out. that really bothers me. this is insane. edit: more information (and confusing time conversions on my part) suggests she probably did know by the time the article i read the article last night. that's a relief.

i guess i just wanted to say rest in peace.

i'll be making a picture post sometimes soon, along with some random happier news. online gamers and beta lovers, be ready.


i think, therfore i bore [
Wednesday = 08.02.2006 = 08:50 pm
in my head is i'm feeling | thoughtful

waaaah! i want a new layout, but i'm too lazy to maaaake oooone. i'm thinking maybe i should put my energy into making an actual layout for the blog/domain i've had for a while, but i'm not good with php/css/modern coding. and i have too much pride to do use a pre-made one, especially being engaged to a hot filipino designer. oh, the contradictions!

maybe i can hire someone to make one for me and let me take the credit. :D wakka wakka wakka!

in other news, i'm such a cold person. i dislike most people, even if they do nothing wrong. yes, i'm probably talking about you. no okay, i like people, but i immediately see their annoying qualities and in my head i go, "iwannahityouintheheadwithashovel" until they stop displaying those particular qualities. and then there are people who i think are super incredibly awesome, but i don't get too close to them because i get intimidated. i really like these people, but i feel i'm not interesting enough to be a good person to hang out with (i'm can seem pretty boring, unless you hang out with me a lot and get to know my type of humor).

there are a very select few people who fall into neither of these categories, and thus why i feel comfortable around them regardless. okay, i'll name you since you're so few. bryan (obviously), jon (brother, also obvious), michelle (i miss you, i'm sorry i suck :[), steffi. jacob, you too, except that it's been so long that we've both changed and i'm not quite sure how to relate to you, and that's mainly my fault.

of course, i don't put people into categories in such a black-and-white manner, it's just a generalization of how i often feel about people. i don't even know why i'm talking about it except that i've been particularly easy to annoy lately and ponder why i can't be more like bryan (who looks forward to meeting new people).

alright, time to stop talking about my detached way of being. :D it's not quite certain yet, but there is a possibility bryan and i could be going to japan this winter!!! XD how insanely amazing would that be!? it makes me kind of nervous thinking about it. i don't know how to plan a vacation by myself (it's part business trip, but that doesn't change the fact that i wanna see everything while we're there), i've been looking on travel websites and such for tips. but like i said, not certain. it depends on the money. if we can be responsible and save up for it, it's very likely. however, bryan and i are not exactly known for our money-saving skills. so we'll see.

my current dilemma: bryan bought us tickets to champions on ice (being held 2 blocks away from us, at the HP pavilion). he wanted to do something nice for me after making me sad, but he might not come. ;_; turns out his new job (he works for wordpress now, btw) is holding an event on the same day/time, he didn't realize until after he bought them. i kind of want to be nice and let him go, but it would make me even more sad than before and i'd feel pretty pathetic going on my own. he kind of wants to make me happy and go, but he's really into social events and doesn't really want to miss it unless i make him feel guilty enough to drop it. *sigh* it's this saturday, i don't know what to do.

also, how do you plan a fantastic wedding without having a large debt to pay afterward? is getting a wedding planner worth it? do they save you money by knowing where to look/go for deals, or do they eat up your money because you have to pay them? yeah, my wedding isn't anywhere in site (assuming we'll ever have one, lol...what if we were engaged for all time?), but with our latest ambition i'm hoping we can get better at saving money, and i'm thinking it might be a good idea to save for our eventual wedding. however, there are so many other things we could save for that would be useful, but i'm not sure that we'd be able to afford more-than-simple-but-less-than-extravagant wedding if we don't save at least a few thousand. i don't even know how to decide what a good budget would be.

back to my usual babble about things that don't really matter!
looks like the next season of america's next top model is on temporary hiatus (it was originally supposed to premiere in september) because the writer's went on strike. i was under the impression that the show was mostly finished. what were the writer's needed for...writing the narration, maybe?

yaaay, lost season 3 premieres in october! it's still too far, but better than it still being 3 months away! is anyone keeping up with this lost experience thing? O_o; i had no idea it was so involved until i read about it on wikipedia.

enjoying project runway season 3 so far! :D i have an episode waiting for me on dvr right now. <3 i love dvr.

i'm trying to evolve my fashion style, but it's hard with not being able to shop for new outfits, only being able to get a couple new items at a time. i'm also relatively knew to this whole caring-how-i-look thing and i need guidance. i need a stacy and clinton. someone nominate me for what not to wear? i could use $5,000 and some professional style advice.

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hoorah for being pleasantly surprised! [
Tuesday = 07.25.2006 = 08:54 pm
in my head is i'm feeling | pleased

so, i enjoyed lady in the water! i really did. note that i hated signs and was neutral about the village (after hearing so many people complain about that movie, i was expecting much worse...signs definitely sucked more).

here are my spoiler-free things you should know before watching this movie:

-it is not a horror/thriller as the tv spots suggest. it is suspenseful, but not scary at all. it's really sweet, actually. in fact, i've read that it was based on a bedtime story m. night wrote for his children.

-if you hated his must-have super twist at the end of the movie (like me), you don't have to worry! some twists, yes, but not overboard this time. i was crossing my fingers hoping it would end at that moment, and not try to warp your brain, and it answered my prayer! i've read some people complain about how they had a "that's it?" feeling after it ended, so just wanted to give a warning so that others don't feel the same.

-this is one of those movies that has things that are too convenient. however, i think they're forgivable because it's a mythological sort of beautiful story. if you are one of those people that comes out hating movies because they don't explain "why" about everything, you probably won't enjoy this (but it's not as bad as say, flight plan, where if one detail was different the whole movie would fall apart). if you're not, however, and you enjoy being told a story filled with fantasy, you should definitely go see it!

-the whole water world idea is a bedtime story/myth in the movie (that obviously turns out to be real, just people don't believe in it much like we don't believe in the story of sleeping beauty or whatever). it's a little hard to swallow the way it's told to us, so this is your heads up.

-the main character's name is story, so if you plan to write about the movie, you might have to think ahead about how to prevent it from sounding ridiculus. lol..."this story is about story and her story."

-m. night has a bigger role in this movie. if you don't like the fact that he puts himself in his movies, prepare yourself mentally.

-it's actually a pretty funny movie, and a touching story.

i would definitely see this movie again.

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too hot [
Friday = 07.21.2006 = 05:41 pm
in my head is i'm feeling | okay

so, i'm in portland, oregon. note that i only use the full name of the state because i'm not sure what the two letter abbreviation is. OR? i would like that, because then i could say, "i went to portland, OR did i just imagine it?"

why am i in oregon? i tried to walk to the corner drug store, but apparently i missed it and walked a few hundred miles too far. oh well.

i knew you wouldn't buy it. bryan is speaking (or rather, already spoke) at a panel at a techy web convention, it's called web visions. it was a design panel. he was cute in it. ♥

i am, of course, sitting in the hotel room. :] i guess i really am a loner, i chose to be here. well, it was either that or attend panels that i have no interest in. i dunno, the first convention i ever attended was anime expo, i believe, an after that it was japan expo, and after that anime boston. so conventions that surround such professional business-minded people accompanied by business-revenue-how-to-make-money-by-blogging-and-not-actually-do-anything-fun-like-contests-and-cosplay kinda talk just doesn't catch my attention. not that i regret coming (unlike the last one), it's been pleasant. it was nice to get to know yet another state (this is my first time visiting a state on the west coast, other than california. we would have tried to visit seattle real quick if we were able to get a rental car!), and be able to be with bryan. i came to accompany and support bryan (and sported his t-shirt) for his first time being a panelist, which also keeps me from getting lonely. i get very lonely when he's gone. :/ but he said he was glad i came, so yay. ^^

even though i'm alone in the hotel room a lot, it's not the same as being at home alone waiting for him to come back from another state. i know he's not far and that he's having a good time, and that i'll see him tonight. :]

i wonder if i have anything else to say? er..oh yeah! bryan and i have been trying to get into the good habit of working out every day! :D past attempts have failed, i know, but this one's working out okay so far. i had an epiphany. i'm never going to enjoy wearing the hell out of my self until i'm gross and sweaty, so i can't wait for me to have the motivation to get up from what i'm doing and exercise. i enjoy being a lazy bum too much. and with bryan, he can get spurts of energy sometimes, but it's not constant. it's hard to pry him off the computer (or the occasional video game) once he's on. so the plan is to deny ourselves access to things that keep us lazy (internet, tv, or anything we find fun) until we have gone down to our gym and worked out for a while, that way i have no choice! then we can come back and shower (which gets us ready for anything else we need to do that day, also an anti-lazy tactic), and get back to whatever else we wanted to do.

it definitely suits our lifestyle. we're not gonna sit around staring at the wall, so we pretty much get up and go to the gym just to get over with. it's not full proof, because when he have an appointment or somewhere else we need to go in the morning, we don't have time. but we do go almost every day, and i hope we get back into it once we get back (although we did go to the hotel gym once so far). so let's see how it works out, at least until i start school again. ^^;;

and more exciting news (for me), i'm gonna get a tattoo!!!! finally!! i've wanted to for a long time, but my parents wouldn't have it until i was 18. however, i moved in with bryan when i was 17 and later found out he didn't want me to get a tattoo, so i wasn't able to. we've had many, many discussions about it since but it always ended the same, with him saying i can do whatever i want, but he obviously still didn't want me to get one, and me feeling to guilty if i were to get one with him being so upset about it. but then, few weeks ago, he told me over breakfast that for my 21st birthday his gift to me would be getting me a tattoo! ♥ ♥ screw roses, that was a really romantic surprise to me. ^___^

well, that won't be until february rolls back around, but i'm really looking forward to it. and there'll be vegas with bryan...if it won't be my best birthday yet, it will certainly be close! ^^

alright, that's my random ramble. now i can say i haven't been neglecting this journal. lol.

p.s. i love it when i make no spelling errors on my first try.
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been ignoring my lj because... [
Monday = 07.03.2006 = 02:03 am
in my head is i'm feeling | giggly

i was dead at the time!

actually, my soul has been sucked out by TCG-ing. @_@; and also work. but guess what? i quit blockbuster already! that was quick, ne? it actually wasn't so bad working there, but the money i was making wasn't enough to help out with expenses and even if i saved the money and worked for the rest of the summer i wouldn't have even broken $1000. so my amount of time working, compared to the money i was getting out of it, compared to our expenses...just seemed sort of pointless. instead i've decided to [insert ambitious plan, thanks to bryan having rubbed off on me over the years, here]! ;D i'll say more about it when i've made some progress. right now it's still in planning.

um...so yeah, life hasn't been offering too much lately. got a jury summons. i'll go, but i doubt they'll choose me since i'm too slow to follow legalities, with the terms and all the technicalities... aside from that, i'm just happier and happier with life, bryan, and my kittens. but you don't wanna hear all this i'm-so-happy-and-still-so-in-love mushy stuff, you guys would much rather read about drama or other more entertaining things. next time i'll make up a story about how i tragically lost my left foot's pinky toe. i promise.

other things i've been doing include keeping up with the world cup (it's been fun getting bryan into the spanish announcers...english announcers are boring, and i've heard there's been a lot of bias toward the australian team or something? i'm sad mexico is gone, but since brazil lost i'm more interested. i was shocked. too bad, so sad. i was kinda disappointed, but at least now it'll keep us guessing.)...and going to see all the big movies on opening night. you can call me captain mainstream whore.

i'm gonna start counting the number of times i edit my entries, just to show you how many friggen times i either forget to write something, change my mind about the way i wrote something, or catch a typo.
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just...stuff [
Thursday = 06.08.2006 = 11:21 pm
in my head is i'm feeling | content

so, blockbuster's been okay. omg, they're going to fire me cuz i wrote a sentence with the word "blockbuster" in it! :X yeah, i bet. but seriously, i don't mind it much. i like checking in movies and putting them away, i like checking to see if any of our missing inventory came back, i don't even mind calling people to let them know they returned a movie with the wrong disc/no disc in it. what i don't like, and will never like in any job, is the pressure of selling things. that is, we need to have X number of rewards cards sold by tonight, and we need to push for giving out free online accounts, etc. sure, i agree that we're offering great deals and most customers turn down every offer they get without even thinking about it, but when a customer says "no," i respect that and don't like to ask them again. but that's because i am a regular person, not a business man in charge of making sure money is coming in. however, this also makes me seem like i'm not the greatest employee and am not especially helpful to them. but i'm on the people's side here, that's not bad, right?

my favorite part is that when it's slow i often end up in conversations about movies and video game with co-workers and/or customers. :] however, i'm not exactly up to date with movies...i haven't been going to the theaters very much for the past few years, so a lot of the new releases are things i wanted to see, but never did. so when customers ask me about movies, i usually have to reply with, "i've heard that this movie [i insert what i've heard about it or make it up here]" which can be annoying. i'd like to be able to tell them my personal opinion.

i wish i saw more movies, but you should try to see what it's like to convince bryan to watch a movie with me!! :[ in fact, i don't think i've ever been able to. when i ask him his reply is usually "uhh...." and nothing more. he usually only wants to go see the blockbuster movies, and sometimes when he mentions he's curious about a certain movie we can arrange to go, but never when i'm the one curious about a movie. someone on my friends list needs to move near me so i can have a movie-going-buddy! you guys are pretty intelligent/opinionated here, people i meet at school can be so...er, not like me? i've tried going by myself a couple times (i think i saw the bourne supremacy alone), but it's not very satisfying. i like to be able to talk about it after i get out.

let's see...i haven't been up to much else lately, except my usual addiction-of-the-moment type things. i'm keeping up with my online trading games every day, i've joined 8 so far (you can add +5 to my geekiness now), and i'm so close to mastering my sailor mercury collection!! *is too happy about this...* i've also discovered a love for nyan nyan nyanko and bryan bought me a plushie (shipped out today)! ^_^ actually, we've been making some random purchases lately. apart from the nyanko plushie, we also bought a large dry-erase board (with an easle and everything, plus a set of like 20+ colored markers for it), and we're buying a polaroid camera soon because we think it's cool. o_o;;; we're also buying a new sofa soon, but that's less random and more of something we were going to do eventually anyway.

i feel oddly comfortable with these purchases even though (insert fact i'm not disclosing). it's just that we honestly don't have anything to worry about for at least a little while. i'm not sure what will happen after that time, but i'll do my best to deal with the circumstances if that's what it comes to.

still, even if things get ugly...i'm happy. :] i like the idea that even if things go wrong, it will be our problem, and our responsibility to deal with. we are independent now, and free to make our mistakes and deal with the consequences ourselves, and to enjoy the things that work out as our personal victory. well, actually, i guess i'm still depending on my parents for school funds, but that's always been the plan. i wish they didn't have to fork out cash when they can't afford it, but they're only too happy to do something for my future. they're also pretty good about knowing when to help and knowing when to leave things to us, so i always appreciate their judgement when it comes to respecting us as a couple. ^_^ i also really love them for having love to spare for bryan. <3

yes...things are alright.

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puppy? [
Tuesday = 05.30.2006 = 10:53 am
in my head is i'm feeling | bittersweet

for the past couple months i've been ending every conversation i have with bryan with, "let's get a puppy." well, it finally happened. we got a puppy!!!!.......okay, so that's not the wholte truth. XD

we did get a puppy, but it was temporary. we went to buy some things at target and noticed a couple kids on the corner with a sign that said, "puppies: $55" i naturally wanted to go look, i always do, but when we went to see them i got weary. the kids were in rags, the puppy looked tired and sick (though not emancipated or anything like that), and they didn't seem to care about the puppy at all (the one puppy was the only one left). when i asked why they were selling them, they said, "we have too many," when i asked how long they're going to try to sell him they said, "today is the last day," and when i asked what they would do with him if he didn't sell him today they said, "uuuhhhhhhh. i don't know. give him to petsmart (which was a couple blocks away)?"

it was already evening and i got worried that they might abandon him or something, so i talked it over with bryan and we decided he'd be in better hands with us. we knew we couldn't keep him, but at least we could find a good shelter for him. that way he'd get good care and whatever owners he gets will be screened to make sure they have a suitable home for him. when we brought him home we noticed he was kind of dirty...he also had fleas and worms. his nose also seamed runny, he had a hard time breathing sometimes. so the more i found out about him, the more i feel good about it. some vet treatment will really do him some good, and he's a gorgeous grey 9-week-old puppy (according to them, doberman/border collie mix?) with the most beautiful blue-green eyes, i'm sure he'll get adopted right away.

we tried our best not to get attached. as soon as we got home we started looking up shelters (we tried for a no-kill shelter, but couldn't get ahold of anybody...and since he seems like a perfectly adoptable puppy, the chances of him getting euthanized are slim to none anyway), we didn't name him, and we didn't talk about what it would be like to keep him. we kept him overnight (shelters were closed early for memorial day) in our bedroom, to keep him separate from the kitties. he was all lethargic and depressed-looking when he first got him, but he soon regained his energy and kept us up all night. XD he whined every time he rolled off the bed so that we could pick him up and put him back on (it was so cute, the puppy didn't know how to jump yet...even though he tried, he could barely jump 2 inches).

he was really clingy, though, he started whining and crying if it seemed we were leaving him alone. it was sort of adorable and sort of sad, because when we dropped him off at the shelter this morning he wouldn't stop crying. :[ we went to go get boba after that to cheer us up. but i know it will be better for him in the end...i just wish they could call me as soon as he gets adopted so i can stop worrying.

on the up-side bryan and i realized that if we really wanted to get a puppy we'd need to shape up. we're such internet people, which is why cats are good for us...if they really want your attention they'll just jump on your lap, but otherwise they're fine roaming the house by themselves. the puppy was so clingy, he couldn't be left alone for 5 minutes. not good for people who spend the majority of their day online. at least we didn't find this out after commiting to one.

pictures...Collapse )

more pictues on my flickr account.

i hope he finds so much happiness that he forgets about us, but i know i'll never forget about him. if i call the shelter and ask about the puppy, i wonder if they'll tell me how he's doing?

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X-3 (no spoilers) [
Friday = 05.26.2006 = 02:28 am
in my head is i'm feeling | satisfied

caught the midnight show (first ones in line). amazing.

of course, sooo many ways they took liberties and broke away from the real x-men storylines, but i made peace with that back in the first movie. i started thinking of rogue as this seperate "marie" girl with similar powers, and it's easier to watch that way (though i'm still not happy with where they're taking her character). it's more like a very cool alternate version of x-men, because if you start getting annoyed at all the ways they changed the original stories, you can't enjoy everything else that's good about it.

don't worry, i won't give away any spoilers, i'll just warn you of the things i think you should know.

don't expect angel to have much screen time. look past the akwardness of beast's appearance and you'll see they did a great job on him. don't get excited about seeing an omega sign, it's unrelated to the guy. don't expect sentinels. do expect great fight scenes. ;] and most importantly, stay until after the credits. there is a very very brief, but key scene.

i can't believe i finally got to see it. i feel like i've been waiting five years (it's been three, so close). i'm so happy. *_*

oh yeah, had my last final today (japanese). it went well, i just hope it was well enough for an A.

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update and movie survey [
Monday = 05.22.2006 = 08:18 pm
in my head is i'm feeling | exhausted

alright, so my 2-d design final is in. i didn't exactly get to finish it, but i sure as hell tried. i've been working on it all weekend, and i pretty much worked straight (with breaks like eating, bathroom, taking a quick breater) since 2pm sunday to 10am this morning. i did not sleep a wink, yet somehow i still didn't finish. x_x; the collaging took foreeever (at least 2 hours per panel, and i had eight panels), and then the little flower stencils i did took up most of my overnight time. so i got the main parts done, but i didn't get to bind it before i had to turn it in (my final project was to make a book, btw).

ah well, at least it's over. now i just have yoga (tomorrow) and japanese (thursday) to worry about. so what does that mean? i can finally feed my obsession some more, i joined a couple other tcg's! ^_^

wednesday night i'm training at blockbuster, and thursday night (right after my japanese final) it's time for x-men 3, yaaay. :D

alright, now here's a movie survey/meme thing. supposedly if you've seen 71+ of them, you have no life...i highly disagree with that, but i just wanted to see what my tally was.

a cut cuz i'm so nice to my friends listCollapse )

so if my math (or rather, my calculator's math) is correct, that brings me to 100 total out of this list. great, i've gained nothing from this. why do i do such pointless things?


four things on my mind [
Thursday = 05.18.2006 = 10:25 pm
in my head is i'm feeling | eagerness+stress= eagerstress?

1. finals. i have been eating, drinking, and breathing finals. i turned in my final portfolio for drawing today (it was a biggie, so i'm relieved it's over), but i still have yoga, 2-d design (another biggie) and japanese to go. i've practically forgotten i have kickboxing, though, i've skipped like 6 classes. luckily i signed up for credit-only (yay for not screwing up my gpa), though i hope there wasn't a mistake somewhere and she ends up giving me a letter grade...

2. tcg. when i'm not working on a final-something-or-other i'm online checking my tcg's. i'm totally into this, i've been ignoring lj and the real purpose of my jenvie community. it's taking all my strength not to sign up for three others that i really want to join. i must wait until finals are over. i must.

3. new job. my background check came in and i'm going in to fill out paperwork at blockbuster tomorrow, so then it will be official. they still haven't told me when they want me to start, i hope it doesn't coincide with finals. i'd hate to have to tell them "i can't come" the first day they want me in.

4. movies!! da vinci code tomorrow and x-men 3 wednesday, nevermind, it's friday. but still <3 it's blisssss!!

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um...yeah ^_^;;;;;; [
Tuesday = 05.16.2006 = 02:47 pm
in my head is i'm feeling | embarrassed

i've been joining some online tcg's (trading card games) and have been trying to earn more cards. if i karaoke a japanese song i get cards, and so i did. :x if anyone is familiar with mika nakashima, this is her song "glamorous sky" (the one she did for NANA the movie). i love this song. too bad i butchered it. forgive me, mika-san!

thought i'd put the link up here to keep the link alive (it expires if it remains inactive). and this makes up for my usual lack of exposing anything about myself. maybe one day i'll actuall post a picture of myself!

jen - glamorous sky [sendspace]
jen - glamorous sky...take two! [sendspace]
jen - he's a tramp (from lady and the tramp) [sendspace]

edit: i recorded it again, without worrying about anything (in the first one i was worried about the volume of my voice). it tooke me a whole of 5 minutes to get it done and uploaded, where as the first take took me like 30 minutes. letting go really does make things better. and i threw in "he's a tramp" just cuz it's more in my element. if only i could turn that one in for cards...

i don't know why it's 5.17 mb. and i accidentally labeled it "glamorous days" because i had to repeat that line so many times. ._.; sorry.

anyway, you can see my tcg's at jenvie, here (i doubt anyone here is dorky enough, but if anyone else is part of any tcg's i'd like to see!).

in other news, there is no way i'm going to finish my two drawing projects (i finished the third one though, yay) by thursday and have something to show for my 2-d class by tomorrow, and yet i'm still doing this. insert me freaking out [here].

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woah [
Saturday = 05.13.2006 = 10:36 am
in my head is i'm feeling | surprised

woke up this morning to a call from blockbuster, i have a follow-up interview today at 1pm. that was quick.

either they actually do interview everyone that applies (which i was telling bryan last night can't be the case) or they really need someone.

edit: i'm pretty much guaranteed a job. they're just doing a background check on me now, but the manager of the store seems really eager to get me started. i think she's probably been needing more employees...dang, i should have asked for $8.00. :P

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references [
Friday = 05.12.2006 = 10:05 am
in my head is i'm feeling | curious

what do you guys do for references in an application? i've only had one job so far, but i think with that i can account for professional references. however, when it comes to personal references i get stuck. who do i put down? i don't keep good contact with my friends, it would be rude to just call all of a sudden to be my reference. can't do family, right? do you guys usually lie about anything on the application? like, i could put bryan down and pretend he has a different address or something...then i probably still need two more, though.

i just want to apply to for blockbuster because it's nearby. it shouldn't be so hard. i don't fear going in for interviews or anything like that, i fear the "reference" section of applications. how sad.

p.s. i love it when i click "spell check" and it says "no spelling errors found." it's very rare because it usually counts stupid things, like the "t" in "didn't."

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FUCK!!! [
Wednesday = 05.10.2006 = 11:52 pm
in my head is i'm feeling | depressed

first i was pissed off because my dvr didn't record the last two minutes of lost (since the show was 62 minutes), and now i'm just depressed because apparently it didn't record america's next top model at all. god knows why.

and on top of that, demonoid.com is down for maintenance, so i can't download the torrents right now. i wonder if anyone is even going to upload this episode of antm...

so yeah, no spoilers please.

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